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Achieve Success in Life

How To Create Your Defintion Of Success In Life? Are you struggling to find the answers ? Do not worry, you are not alone. Infact many people go through this struggle.

If you want to know How To Create Your Defintion Of Success In Life you are at right place. Please read through for more details.

Why do you need to Create Your Defintion Of Success In Life?

You may ask “Why do you need to Create Your Defintion Of Success In Life?”

I say that the reason is not difficult to find out.

If you don’t have a clear and correct answer to this question, then you will take an incorrect path on your life journey. What is the result? This will either slow you down or may lead you to failure in reaching the destination that you aspire to or desire for.

This definition of success is unique to you and cannot be copied from others. I agree, you may have some similarities with others, but it will never be the same.

Why is this definition of success in life unique to you ?

You have your unique personality, strengths, interests, aspirations, and desires which will help you reach the pinnacle of success you are aspiring for.

However, you will have your challenges and obstacles on the success path which you need to cross yourself.

Definitely, others can guide, support and help you to climb over these bottlenecks. But it is your journey and you must traverse the path to success yourself.

What could be your Definition Of Success In Life?

The next logical question that probably comes to your mind – “Hey, what could be my potential Definition Of Success In Life?”

My view is that each person would define success in life differently based on his / her circumstances.

You are successful in your life if YOU can:

  • Reach the goals, you have set for yourself in life
  • Pursue your passion and interests in life
  • Meet all your responsibilities, obligations and commitments
  • Maintain good health and fitness levels
  • Lead a happy and contented life

Why are you not able to achieve success in life?

Now you are wondering “This sounds easy, but why am I not able to achieve success in life?”

Some of the reasons are that YOU are:

  1. Unclear on what you want to achieve in life. You don’t plan ahead and live life as it comes
  2. On an incorrect path to success which is not aligned with your strengths, interests or passion!
  3. Not completely aware of your strengths, interests or passions. Or you do not know how to properly leverage these
  4. Unaware of the challenges or weaknesses that you have. Or you are not clear how to overcome them
  5. Copying others whom you consider as being successful, while ignoring your unique capabilities and circumstances
  6. Setting highly impossible goals which can’t be met by you
  7. Forced to adopt a path in life, against your wishes due to circumstances beyond your control
  8. Not leveraging the feedback channels available to you or ignoring the feedback received
  9. Lazy to make any serious effort to be on the success path
  10. Having other priorities to take care of which makes you deviate from the ideal path to success
  11. Having health issues which limit you in moving forward in life at the pace you like

Based on the above it is obvious that there is an absence of a clear, correct and unique definition of “success in life” for you. This indicates, either you have not defined it at all, or you have defined this incorrectly. Because of these reasons, you are not moving forward on the success path.

This gets interesting now!

Why you are not able to Create Your Defintion of Success In Life?

You are probably thinking “Why you are not able to Create Your Defintion of Success In Life?”

There are 2 reasons for this. Either you are reluctant to do so or you have defined it incorrectly.

You are reluctant to define what “success in life” means to you, because YOU are:

  • Too lazy to do this
  • Averse to the take the pressure of action planning and constant tracking that comes with it
  • Not committed to your action plan to achieve success as defined by you
  • Afraid of taking risks or getting out of your comfort zone
  • Worried about the consequences of failure
  • Against this, as you believe to take life as it comes
  • Not sure how to do this and need help

You may have incorrectly defined what “success in life” means to you, as You:

  • Have not aligned this with your strengths. Or, you are not aware of all your strengths and need help to identify these
  • Face some challenges which prevent you from achieving the associated goals. And, you need help to identify these challenges or plan the actions to overcome these
  • Have included goals which are not achievable
  • Are trying to copy somebody else’s definition of success

How To Create Your Defintion Of Success In Life? 

Success in Life

If you have read this post so far, I assume you understood the importance of your unique definition of success in life. This is really the first step and if this is done correctly, you have made a great start.

Also, if you are not moving forward on the success path, then you know what the potential bottlenecks are. Now, you have to take corrective action on your definition of success to remove these obstacles and move forward.

How To Create Your Defintion Of Success In Life?

Now you would be wondering “How To Create Your Defintion Of Success In Life?”

I suggest the following 6 step approach.

Success in Life

1. Choose the dimensions of life which you want to succeed on

Success in life could have multiple dimensions like career, finance, family, passion & interests. However, you can choose one or more of these dimensions for your definition of success in life. Once this is done , you can decide the goals you would like for each of the chosen dimensions.

2. Set Goals for the chosen dimensions

The goals need to be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. There is no benefit in setting lofty and impossible goals and then getting frustrated at the failure to achieve these.Therefore, it is important to follow this guideline and maintain high level of motivation on your success journey.

3. Prioritize Goals

You should prioritize each of these goals and then chose the top 3 goals. The goals should be achievable in small frequencies like 2-3 months.This will allow you to feel success in quick intervals and maintain your high energy levels.

4. Split into sub-goals if needed

If the goals look like taking more time you should split them into multiple smaller sub-goals which can be achieved in a smaller duration. It will be easier to achieve them and lead to interim successes which will keep you motivated to continue further.

5. Align the goals with your strengths, interests, and passion

Any definition of “success in life” will be correct and fruitful only if is aligned with your passion, interests, and strengths. Then only you will have the motivation to come up with the action plan and stay committed to go forward and achieve this.

6. Account for your weaknesses and challenges

You should also factor in your weaknesses and challenges in life and should have workarounds or plans to get over them. If you don’t do this, you will be unable to move forward and get frustrated.


I would like to summarize the takeaways from this post now.

To reach the pinnacle in your climb to success you need to create your unique definition of success in life. This should be aligned with your strengths and unique qualities. It should also account for your weaknesses and challenges

How To Create Your Defintion Of Success In Life?

You should do the following

  1. Identify the dimensions of life you want to be successful in
  2. Identify the SMART goals you want to achieve for each of these dimensions
  3. Break down the goals into sub-goals if they look like taking more than 3 months
  4. List down all your strengths. If you need help then seek feedback from others who know you well and whom you trust – family, friends, colleagues, mentors, coach, etc
  5. Ensure that the goals are aligned to your strengths, interests, and passions. If they are not, then you need to re-look and refine your definition
  6. List down all your challenges or weaknesses which could be bottlenecks to achieve these. Prepare an action plan on how to overcome these.
  7. Review this periodically and take corrective action as required

6 steps to define success in life

I hope you are now able to clearly define what “Success in Life” means to you and can move forward quickly on your climb to success.

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