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How Does Self Talk help you

How Does Self-Talk Help You To Be Successful In Life?

Self-Talk helps you to be successful in life in the following seven ways:

  1. Reduce Anxiety.
  2. Manage Stress.
  3. Keep High Motivation Levels.
  4. Find Solutions to your Problems.
  5. Increase your Confidence.
  6. Make Correct Decisions.
  7. Maintain Good Health

How Does Self-Talk Help You To Be Successful In Life?

Self-Talk is a dialogue you have with yourself. Most people do this silently while some talk aloud. If this Self-Talk is positive, it can help you. However, if it is negative, then it can have the opposite effect.

In short, we can say that positive Self-Talk can help you keep yourself optimistic and keep a positive outlook in life.

Negative Self-Talk, on the other hand, can create the opposite effect and cause you harm. It can make you a pessimist. Constant negative Self-Talk can cause you to have health issues as well.

To find out how Self-Talk can help you achieve success in life, please read further.

What is Self-Talk

Self-Talk is an internal dialogue you have, at moments, when you are all alone and thinking deeply about something. It could be doing some study or analysis on a particular topic. It could be finding a solution to a problem you are facing. Or it could be around making some decision where you are weighing the pros and cons.

Whatever be the situation, when you are doing Self-Talk, you are engrossed in your thoughts. And you may be oblivious of other things happening around you. It may happen that you are talking aloud but do not realize this unless somebody tells you. If you are not disturbing others, I feel this is normal. And if you are using decent language, there is no need to worry.

How Does Self-Talk help you to be successful in life?

I think it depends on the way you use Self-Talk.

Positive Self-Talk can help you achieve success as per your unique definition of success.

But negative Self-Talk can be detrimental and can hold you back from achieving the success you desire.

7 Ways Self-0alk Helps You to be Successful in Life

I have already mentioned the seven ways on how Self-Talk helps you to be successful in life. The caveat, though, is – It must be positive Self-Talk.

Now it is time to elaborate on these further.

Reduce Anxiety.

Anxiety is an emotional state of nervousness for perceived future threats, which you may not be prepared to handle. You may feel worried that you will not be able to cope with this. Because of this, you are also concerned about the outcome.

There would be hardly any person who does not feel anxious while anticipating future situations in their life. It is perfectly normal to feel anxious in this situation.

However, if this is persistent and chronic, this indicates a health disorder and may require medical attention.

If you are interested in more details on anxiety, please check here.

High Anxiety levels will hold you back from moving forward on your success path. To be successful in life, you must reduce your anxiety levels.

How does Self-Talk help?

Positive Self-Talk can help to reduce the anxiety that is due to perceived future threats. Keep the Self-Talk optimistic, be supportive towards yourself and keep yourself motivated to respond when the threats happen. While this may not make the anxiety go away but it can reduce this to manageable levels. Once your anxiety level comes down, you may be able to analyze better and make better decisions.

However, at the same time, negative Self-Talk can be detrimental and can cause the anxiety levels to go up higher.

Keep away from a negative dialogue with yourself.

Think positive and Talk positive. It will change your behavior and will also help you to get favorable outcomes.

And this will enable you to achieve the success you have defined for yourself.

Manage Stress.

Stress is again an emotional response caused by an external event and can make you feel under pressure. It could be due to work pressure, personal event, or some other issues. Some stress is good to have as this would enable you to prioritize the problem and find solutions quickly.

However excessive stress can cause you harm and hamper your success journey.

So, it is necessary to manage stress in your life to ensure you are on the success path.

Unlike Anxiety, Stress is temporary and goes away as soon as the external stressor is removed or handled.

If you would like to read more on the differences between Anxiety and Stress, please check here

How does Self-Talk help?

Positive Self-Talk can be a good ally here and help you manage the stress in your life. It brings in a healthy dialogue with yourself and can help you find a solution to manage the unforeseen event. Your focus will be on the stressor and how you can bring down the impact due to this.

You will agree that while the stress levels are low, you can make better decisions. And this will enable you to move forward on your success path.

The same caveat holds here – Keep negative Self-Talk at bay.

Negative Self-Talk will further increase your stress. It will hamper you from making good decisions and hold you back on your success path.

Keep High Motivation Levels.

To be successful in life, you need to maintain high motivational levels through all the ups and downs in your life. It will keep you energetic and confident in overcoming any obstacles on the way.

Your motivation levels go down when you constantly encounter obstacles on your success path. And are unable to reach the destination you desire. You put in all your best effort, but success is still eluding you because of various reasons.

Once your motivation levels are down, it is impossible to work further to achieve your success goals.

How does Self-Talk help?

Positive Self-Talk is one of the media that can keep you high on motivation. Via positive Self-Talk, you can attract positive thoughts which, will help you bring an optimistic outlook to your life. This optimistic outlook will enable you to find out solutions to the challenges you face in your life.

This will help you to maintain high motivation levels.

However, beware of Negative Self-Talk, though!

Negative Self-Talk can ‘talk’ you further down into a low motivation zone. It will keep you from achieving the success you have defined yourself.

No matter what others say, in the end, it is your Self-Talk that finally helps you to take the next step. Negative Self-Talk will hold you from taking this step in the right direction or will not let you move at all.

Do not let your Negative Self-Talk control you and prevent you from being successful.

Find Solutions to your Problems.

The success journey in life is not smooth for anyone. You would hardly find anyone who has not encountered obstacles on his / her success path. You see the successful people but do not see their struggles on the way. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is the way they approach the problem and find out solutions.

Successful people approach the problem head-on. They do not get bogged down with the enormity of the problem. But they strive to find a solution. They do not get rattled by temporary failures in fixing the problem. But keep on trying to find the right solution for the problem they face. And eventually, they succeed.

How does Self-Talk help?

Positive Self-Talk keeps you motivated to keep on trying till you find out the solution and overcome the problem at hand. This healthy dialogue with yourself will lead you to think positively and arrive at a solution. Even if you make a mistake, it will help you to take the learnings and move forward in life.

Negative Self-Talk, on the other hand, makes you pessimistic in life. With every solution, you will find more problems and will not try any of these. With every failure, you will get bogged down and not think of other ways to fix the issue. It will keep you stuck and not allow you to move forward.

Increase your Confidence.

When your motivation levels are high, your outlook is optimistic, and you can overcome the obstacles on your way. As this becomes a routine practice, it increases your confidence in handling any life event and overcoming the impact. Being confident is one of the many ingredients for your success.

How does Self-Talk help?

Positive Self-Talk helps you to keep high on motivation, eggs you to be on the success path despite the failures on the way. It will keep you with a positive outlook even in the face of an adverse event. It will make you confident and help you to overcome any obstacle that you face in life. It is key to your success in life.

Negative Self-Talk will, however, have the opposite effect and bring your confidence levels down. It will further aggravate as you encounter any failure and make you insecure as you progress in life. It will have a cascading ‘detrimental” effect on your confidence and hamper you on your success path.

Make Correct Decisions.

The decisions you make have an impact on your success journey. Some of the decisions are beneficial, while others may not yield the desired results. While you reap the benefits of making good decisions, at the same time, you bear the consequences of making bad decisions as well. Whatever the case be, you must move forward on the path to success in life.

Making correct decisions will help you to achieve your success goals faster.

Besides, you alone are responsible for making decisions on your success path. Others can guide and advise you, but you must make your decisions yourself.

You are your best friend and have your best interests in mind. A positive dialogue with yourself can help you analyze the situation better and make correct decisions.

Maintain Good Health

Positive Self-Talk will help you to maintain a positive outlook in life which will make you optimistic. Your self-esteem will be high, and your positive Self Talk will also attract positive thoughts. It will keep you high on energy and motivation. And you will be ready to take on whatever challenges that come your way.

It will keep you happy in life.

Happiness is, after all, the key to keeping good health. In a happy frame of mind, you can keep your stress and anxiety levels under control. It indirectly has a positive effect on your health. You will also focus more on your health and ensure proper care of your health.

Negative Self-Talk, on the other hand, will give rise to pessimism and bring you negative thoughts. It will lower your self-esteem and affect your health. Constant negative Self-Talk can give rise to anxiety-related disorders as well.


I have discussed in detail what Self-Talk is and the impact it has on our success journey.  I have also tried to answer the question How Does Self-Talk Help You To Be Successful In Life?

I feel Self-Talk Help You To Be Successful In Life via the seven ways which I have detailed further.

i7 Ways Self-0alk Helps You become Successful in Life

The crux is Positive Self-Talk can help you immensely on your success path, while Negative Self-Talk can cause you harm.

Focus on positive Self-Talk to be successful in life.

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