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Why SELF-DISCIPLINE is Important

SELF-DISCIPLINE is important to be successful in life. You may achieve temporary success, but without SELF-DISCIPLINE, it is impossible to achieve long-lasting success.

The first step in your climb to success in life is to define success as it means to you. But that is not enough, you need to make sincere efforts to ensure you achieve these goals.

This is not easy and requires tremendous SELF-DISCIPLINE on your part to stick to the path you have chosen.

To find out the details, please read further.


As per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, SELF-DISCIPLINE is the power to control one’s actions, impulses, or emotions.

As per the Cambridge dictionary, SELF-DISCIPLINE is the ability to make yourself do things you know you should do even when you do not want to.

There are many other similar definitions of SELF-DISCIPLINE at other places if you search on the internet.

However, in essence, it is the ability to control your actions in any situation – good or bad in your life to accomplish something that you value.

There will be challenges, distractions, and adverse circumstances coming your way. But with SELF-DISCIPLINE, you will not get bogged down by them. You will remain focused on overcoming them and stick to your plan for accomplishing your success goals.

Why SELF-DISCIPLINE is Important to be successful in life?

Why SELF-DISCIPLINE is Important to be Successful in Life
Why SELF-DISCIPLINE is Important to be Successful in Life

SELF-DISCIPLINE is key to being successful in life. The first step on your success journey is to Define the Success that you aspire. It allows you to plan and set goals for your success.

However, is it enough to define your goals?

No, it Is not enough to become successful in life!

You need to keep a focused approach, strong commitment, and sincere effort to accomplish these goals.

But this is not easy and, you need tremendous SELF-DISCIPLINE to keep yourself on the track to success in life.

Let me elaborate further on Why is SELF-DISCIPLINE important to be successful in life.

Keeps Focus on Goals

SELF-DISCIPLINE makes you stay focused on the goals that you have planned to be successful in life.

The climb to success is long and not easy. You will face many obstacles on the way. And you may hit many failures on the way. Sometimes your efforts may not yield the results that you desire.

All of these can discourage you easily. And you may lose focus on the task at hand.


SELF-DISCIPLINE will help you to move forward despite these temporary setbacks. It can help you to continue your efforts and persevere towards achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

Increases Your Self-Confidence

On your life journey, SELF-DISCIPLINE will help you overcome the obstacles that come your way. With a disciplined approach, you will not waiver from the success path you have defined, despite these challenges. You will keep your focus and commitment intact towards your goals.        

Each time you overcome an obstacle, you become more confident to handle any other challenge that can potentially come your way. SELF-DISCIPLINE will help you repeat this success with each challenge that you face. And soon, it will become a habit.

It will make you confident to take on any adversity and successfully conquer them.

Helps You Conquer Obstacles

The life journey is not easy, and you will encounter challenges and obstacles at each step. These obstacles can easily make you lose focus and derail you from your success path.

SELF-DISCIPLINE can help you keep your focus and commitment to your goals. With a disciplined approach, you will become creative and figure out ways to overcome these obstacles.

You will be able to proceed on the success path with a dogged determination. You will not be bothered by the obstacles. But you will focus on a solution to overcome these. Eventually, you will find the right solution to get over this and be back on track on your success journey.

Enables You Make Sacrifices

Your life journey is not always a smooth ride. There are times when you must make crucial decisions. Sometimes these call for making small sacrifices as well.

Making sacrifices is not easy unless you have a compelling reason to do so.

SELF-DISCIPLINE will enable you to make these sacrifices while keeping the bigger goal in mind. It will keep you focused on your goals and will motivate you to make these sacrifices. When you achieve the success you desire, you will feel vindicated on having made these sacrifices.

It will keep you motivated and energized to move forward rather than regret on the sacrifices you made on the way.

Keeps Away from Distractions

On your life journey, multiple things distract you from the goals that you aspire to accomplish. These could be the challenges that come up on the way. Or could be any unforeseen event in your life. It could also be due to social or peer pressure. Or it might even be due to laziness on your part.

These distractions can make you lose focus from your goals or desires you desire on your success path.

SELF-DISCIPLINE can help to get over these distractions and stay focused on your goals. Even if you are distracted for a while, it can bring you back on track.

It will not let your focus waver from what you set out to achieve. Whenever these distractions come your way, this disciplined approach will pull you back on the right track.

Helps Develop Good Habits

SELF-DISCIPLINE can help you develop good habits while on the way to accomplish your goals.

To cite an example, if your goal is to maintain good health, you would have planned to sleep early and get up early. You may also have added an exercise routine in the morning hours. In addition, you may also have a healthy diet plan.

As you move forward with this plan and do these activities regularly, it will become a routine and eventually become a habit.

You will agree these are good habits to have on your climb to success in life.

Builds Good Work Ethics

On the work front, we all have commitments and deadlines to honor.  Some of these can be ad hoc and require urgent attention. But most of the time, we have some time and can plan appropriately.

To meet these demands on our time, we need to follow a disciplined approach. Else we may end up rushing at the last minute, and this can be stressful.

SELF-DISCIPLINE helps you stay focused on completing all the tasks at hand and can cut down on stress. It will help you prioritize the tasks and allocate your time accordingly.

You will also be able to ward off any distractions and will focus on completing the tasks.

Most importantly, you will know what is on your plate and be politely able to say NO to any additional tasks that you cannot accommodate.

With SELF-DISCIPLINE you would be able to utilize your time efficiently. You would also be able to make the right decisions and respond quickly and on time. It will enable you to do the right things at the right time

When we repeatedly do this, it eventually becomes a habit for us. These are good habits to develop and helps to build good work ethics.

Helps in Doing the right thing

In our daily life, we tend to do the things that we like doing, or which are easier to do. We also tend to push the things which we dislike or things that may not be easy.

On the path to achieve success in life, you already have a set of things to do. Some of them may be easier, in your comfort zone, and you enjoy doing those.

However, there would be things you may not be comfortable with or do not enjoy. Even though you dislike them, you must do them to accomplish the success you have defined.

SELF-DISCIPLINE plays its part here. It will make you do the right things rather than things that you like to do. You will agree that it is of utmost importance to do the right things at the right time to be successful.

It will also keep you away from doing unnecessary activities. It will filter out unimportant things or things not aligned with your goals.

Makes You Stop Procrastination

One of the things that stop you from achieving success is Procrastination. Many times, you delay your actions due to various things.

It could be due to distractions on the way. Or it could be due to some significant change in your circumstances. It could also be due to your inertia to move or laziness on your part.

Whatever be the reason for the delay in action, any procrastination will delay your achievement of the success you have defined.

SELF-DISCIPLINE will make you Stop Procrastination. It will bring your focus to goals that you desire to achieve. Whatever be the situation, it will motivate you to take immediate and correct action. The outcome of these actions, the joy of accomplishing your goals, will force you to rethink and take quick action.


I hope I have been able to help you understand what SELF-DISCIPLINE is. I have also elaborated on Why SELF-DISCIPLINE is important to be successful in life.

Being successful is not easy. Just wishing for success is not enough. You need to bring a strong SELF-DISCIPLINE within you to accomplish the success goals you have defined.

If you are not following a disciplined approach, try to bring in SELF-DISCIPLINE in your life and see the difference.

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