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8 Ways Intuition Can Help You

8 ways Intuition makes you successful in life are:

  1. Set the correct goals and define success in your life
  2. Make appropriate goal corrections as required
  3. Arrive at the correct solutions to remove any obstacles in your life
  4. Make the right decision when you are in a dilemma
  5. Identify the correct feedback received and incorporate in your life
  6. Prioritize tasks to maintain a good work-life balance
  7. Make the right investments in life
  8. Make the right choices in your life events

If the above points strike a chord with you then the rest of the content will be of interest to you. Please read on for further details.

8 Ways Intuition helps you achieve success in life

Many of my decisions are based on Intuition and most times I have not regretted following my instincts.

I trust my Intuition. Do you ?

What is Intuition?

Intuition is also known as Instinct, Hunch, Inner voice, Gut feel, etc. It is neither logical nor backed by reason. However, it is an important influencer in many of our crucial decisions.

It is set off by some trigger and you just know when you get these impulses in your body. Of course, the choice is yours, to follow these impulses or ignore them.

It is present in all animals, however humans, also possess an ability of rational thinking or reasoning. And this gives us the advantage to use both Intuition and reasoning in our decision making. But the strength of Intuition and degree of usage varies across different people.

As you use Intuition more and more it grows stronger and develops into a strong ally in your decision making. Thus, Intuition helps you achieve success in life.

What are the ways Intuition makes you successful in life?

Intuition plays a big role in critical decision making in your life and there are many ways Intuition makes you successful in life. You can feel the strong impulses in your body especially when you are making crucial decisions in your life.

If the impulses make you feel energetic and excited, then it is a strong indication that your decision is correct. If impulses are negative and make you feel bad it hints that the decision is not correct.

There may not be a rationale or logic to it, you just know it.

And this kicks off a tussle between your unconscious and conscious mind. The inner voice comes from your unconscious mind while the rational thoughts come from your conscious mind.

Finally, it is your choice to be guided by your Intuition or rational thinking.

The ideal situation is when your Intuition and rational thinking endorse the same decision. However, many times they are not aligned. And you end up choosing one over the other.

8 Ways Intuition makes you successful in life

It is time now to elaborate further on the 8 Ways Intuition makes you successful in life

1. Set the correct goals to define success in your life.

The first step on your climb to success is to define success in life as it means to you. This is not easy and takes some sincere and conscious effort on your part to do so.

In this exercise, you may come up with a list of goals you want to set for yourself. Then you need to prioritize these and choose the top 2-3 and set a target to achieve them.

Your Inner Voice can guide you in this exercise. 

It will tell you if the goals are:

  • Aligned to your strengths, interests, and passion
  • Workable around your constraints and challenges
  • Achievable within the planned time frame

If you are choosing the right goal, then your Intuition will send the favourable impulses racing in your body. While if they are not aligned, then it will send you the opposite signals.

2. Make appropriate goal corrections as required

As you move forward in life journey, you may find that you are not progressing well on the self-defined goals. It may be due to certain new constraints that are beyond your control. It could also be that goals were incorrectly set.

Whatever be the reason, but now you must make a goal correction.

Your Intuition can guide you in this exercise.

Firstly, it will help you realize that you are not progressing well and need to revise your goals.

Secondly, it will help you revise the existing goals or identify set new goals.

3. Arrive at the correct solutions to remove any obstacles in your life

Life journey is not smooth, and many obstacles come on the way. You need to overcome these challenges and pave your way forward. Your rational mind will make several thoughts come to you on the possible solutions. However, the right solution is still evasive.

In these situations, your gut feel will be your aide and point you to the right solution.

My experience has been good with my Intuition in these situations. I have always followed my instincts and most of the times I have got it right.

If you trust your Intuition and then go with it, you will not be wrong. The only caveat is, sometimes your fear, ego, or emotion can cloud this judgment. You need to develop the ability to filter out the true signals coming from your inner voice.

4. Make the right decision when you are in a dilemma

This is where my experience has been incredibly good with my Intuition. I have been using it almost daily in my professional life.

I trust my Intuition while responding to critical emails, making presentations, solving problems in project delivery, selecting my team, recruiting people, etc. Many times, there is a situation where I am in a dilemma and indecisive between 2 options even after a lot of rational thinking.

Trust me, in these situations, I have never been wrong while going with my gut feeling. There is no control when I will get this strong impulse. It just comes suddenly, and I just get to know this is the right decision. Then, I just go with it.

There is only one place in life where it did not work for me always. It was in answering multiple-choice questions in the academic and other certification examinations. Invariably, I got a few answers wrong when I went with my gut feeling! However, I also realized later that for these wrong ones, either I had misread the question or interpreted it incorrectly.

The point I am highlighting is that you need to understand the problem correctly. Then go with your Intuition on the decision and you will not get it wrong.

5. Identify the correct feedback received and incorporate in your life

In your life, you receive feedback from various people. Some of it is solicited by you, but the bulk of it is unsolicited and may not be relevant to you. It is important to filter out the correct and relevant feedback from all this noise coming to you.

Here, Intuition can be a great saviour. When you go through the multiple feedback received, if something is apt then your gut feel will indicate that. You will feel excited and will know this is something you can incorporate in your life.

If the feedback is not appropriate, then your inner voice will indicate that as well. You will get negative impulses, feel bad and you know it is not good for you.

If ego, fear, or other emotions do not come in, your gut feel will indicate the right choice.

6. Prioritize tasks to maintain a good work-life balance

A good work-life balance is important for you to move forward on the success path. This requires you to keep a priority on tasks on your plate and focus on the most important ones. This will help you take care of your work as well as personal priorities without affecting either of them.

Task prioritization is not easy as there are regular tasks and then unplanned tasks also come in throughout the day. It becomes difficult to decide which tasks need your urgent attention and which can be postponed or delegated.

Based on your rational thinking all tasks may appear to be on high priority and require you to focus on. However, you do not have the time and energy to do all. So, it is important to prioritize the tasks and plan accordingly.

In this situation, Intuition can help you to decide the priority of a task. Your Intuition will tell you which tasks you only have to do. It will also help to decide which tasks can be postponed or delegated. This way, you can complete all the tasks as per the deadlines without making it stressful.

7. Make the right investments in life

Investments are one place where most people would go with their Intuition.

These are investments you make for achieving your life goals be it on finance, education, career, and family. These require an investment of your money, effort and time. Hence, in all these decisions, you do a lot of research and analysis and then take the decision.

Most times, you will be confused and not able to decide one way or the other. In such a situation it is best to go with your Intuition.

8. Make the right choices in your life events

The decisions around your life events like a new job, marriage, etc. are ideal times where you can depend on your Intuition. If you have children and other family members to take care of, decisions on events around them are also included.

Some of these decisions are not easy to take. And you will spend a lot of effort weighing the pros and cons of the different options available. But still, the decision is not clear to you. In such a situation going with your Intuition is the best.

To take an example if you must decide to take up a new job offer or not, it is a tough decision indeed.

You do all the research to find out details about the potential new employer. You check via networking with your contacts within the new organization on the working environment, growth opportunities, culture, etc. Then you start comparing with your current job on different parameters.

Finally, you end up in a dilemma about whether to take up the new job or not. To clear the dilemma and decide it is best to go with your Intuition. Trust me, on this one you will seldom go wrong.

The caveat is the usual – your mind should not be cluttered by ego, fear, or any other emotion. Any of these will cloud your Intuition and may lead to an incorrect decision.


Intuition is not logical or backed by reason, you just know it by the feeling in your body. However, it is a great ally for you in making critical decisions in your climb to success in life. I elaborated on the 8 ways Intuition makes you successful in life.

As you use your Intuition it becomes stronger and will help you in better decision making. Trust your Intuition and you will make good decisions that keep you on the success path.

Ego, fear, and other strong emotions clutter your judgment and overpower the signals coming from your Intuition.

Most times your rational mind and Intuition will be aligned, maybe after a good dialogue between your conscious and unconscious mind. However, in cases where you are not able to decide, trust your Intuition, and move forward. You will never go wrong.

I hope you will benefit with this knowledge of the 8 ways Intuition makes you successful in life.

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