7 Ways Self-Talk Helps You To Be Successful In Life are

  1. Reduce Anxiety.
  2. Manage Stress.
  3. Keep High Motivation Levels.
  4. Find Solutions to your Problems.
  5. Increase your Confidence.
  6. Make Correct Decisions.
  7. Maintain Good Health

Self-Talk is an internal dialogue you have, at moments, when you are all alone and thinking deeply about something. It could be doing some study or analysis on a particular topic. It could be finding a solution to a problem you are facing. Or it could be around making some decision where you are weighing the pros and cons.

Most people do this silently while some talk aloud. If this Self-Talk is positive, it can help you. However, if it is negative, then it can have the opposite effect.

Positive Self-Talk can help you keep yourself optimistic and keep a positive outlook in life.

Negative Self-Talk, on the other hand, can create the opposite effect and cause you harm. It can make you a pessimist. Constant negative Self-Talk can cause you to have health issues as well.

This video summarizes the 7 ways self-talk helps you to be successful in life. Please watch and share your views in likes and comments. If you like this video please share with others who can benefit.

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Posted on May 16, 2021 by sajitraghavan

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